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PuriFlate Nitrogen Tire Inflation

PuriFlate is an ultra-high purity, inert, nitrogen inflation gas that replaces the air in your vehicle's tires. As an inert gas, PuriFlate is free of the water vapor, contaminants and corrosives, as well as the oxygen, found in regular compressed air. By eliminating these harmful elements, PuriFlate eliminates the corrosion, oxidization and rot that afflicts all air filled tires and wheels. Perhaps most importantly, PuriFlate has a much larger molecular structure, by almost 400%, than the oxygen in compressed air, meaning PuriFlate filled tires don't lose pressure through permeation like air filled tires, and maintain their optimum operating pressure much longer.

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist and PuriFlate now offer all the benefits of PuriFlate and its Customer Care Club with alloy wheel repair coverage. When you purchase PuriFlate, your wheels are covered against damage from road hazards including, curb, parking stop and median impacts!*

*See your AWRS or PuriFlate Dealer for complete details.

* Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits may vary.
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